Gloomhaven March wave Update.

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Gloomhaven March wave Update.

Gloomhaven wave March update.


Dear partner,



Many retailers are eagerly waiting for more copies of Gloomhaven to become available and the next wave is scheduled to get shipped out in late March-April.


This is still true.



However, we unfortunately also have some bad news.


We understand that many of you will meet this new information with feelings ranging from disbelief and anger to disappointment - and we too share these emotions.


That is why we would like to be as transparent as possible about the situation so that you can fully understand how this situation came to be.



To sum it up shortly, every single distributor out there - including us - will get heavily allocated for the next wave of Gloomhaven.


We're not talking about normal allocations which may cause your ordered amount to get lowered.


The allocations are so heavy that we are afraid that we will not be able to fulfill most of the orders placed for the product.


Out of 10 copies of Gloomhaven ordered, we will most likely only be able to deliver a single copy at most.



The game has clearly become much more popular than the manufacturers have anticipated at first and there have not been nearly enough copies printed to meet this huge demand.



When we were informed about this fact, we were just as shocked as you might be now - and believe us, we feel your pain over not being able to fulfill your customer's demand just as much as you do.


Sadly, there is nothing we can do about this turn of events except to hope for another printing to become available very soon so that the demand for Gloomhaven can be met at least somewhat.



Once the allocation has been made and the next wave arrives, we will enter all orders that will get shipped out and send you an additional mail with information.



Lastly, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience you may experience and thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.


If you wishes to change or cancal your order, feel free to contact us on