Star Wars Legion - Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion - EN

Star Wars Legion - Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion - EN

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Rebel commanders may be under manned and under equipped, but
they more than make up for this with resolve, tenacity, and sheer force
of will. Leading by example, it’s not uncommon for Alliance officers
to wade into the thick of battle alongside their troops. When leading
troops with specialized training, they can provide invaluable support
to Rebel ground operations. The Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion
for Star Wars: Legion contains four finely sculpted Rebel specialist
miniatures, along with new unit, upgrade, and command cards that give
you the power to field a generic Rebel commander and add troops with
specialized training to other units in your army. Among them, you’ll find
a communications specialists, a medical droid, and an astromech droid,
opening up even more tactical possibilities in your struggle against the

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