Foam tray for Scythe expansion The Wind Gambit

Foam tray for Scythe expansion The Wind Gambit

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This transport solution is specially designed for Scythe "The Wind Gambit" expansion. The seven airship miniatures are protected in a space-saving and tailored form tray. The related bases and stands, resolution and airdrop tiles can be easily and practically sorted in an additional ziplock bag.

The Set contains:

  • 7 compartments for airship miniatures
  • ziplock bag
  • foam topper
  • Made in Germany
  • high-quality, fine pored foam
  • CFC-free fine pored quality foam Made in Germany
  • chlorine and acid free
  • tailored and space-saving foam tray for airship miniatures for Scythe "The Wind Gambit“
  • cardboard for arrange and stow cards, bases and stands




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