This War of Mine: The Board Game

This War of Mine: The Board Game

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This War of Mine, a computer experience, awarded with over 100 prestigious awards, can now be shared with other people as a tabletop title.

Take part in the unique story of a group of citizens trapped in war-torn city. The choices you will encounter will not be easy, but survival is at stake. Each playthrough will be a tale you and your friends will turn into an unforgettable and meaningful experience.

Similarly to what the real situation could look like, you will start with limited information and must learn fast in order to survive. There is no need to read the manual before the game – simply open the box, setup the components and begin! The idea behind it is to make the experience as accessible as possible without any compromise in terms of its complexity and depth.

There are no points or competitions, just those who make it until the ceasefire. Don’t think the road will be easy! You are trapped in the middle of a military conflict, where moral and ethical obligations are acknowledged by very few. With your group you will manage your shelter, craft items necessary for your existence and defence, explore a vast city and risk your life scavenging for resources.

Reality Impact was designed to make your each playthrough very personal and unique, it also ensures the stories come to life and the decisions you make are not trivial. Sometimes the consequences of a choice you’ve made will not directly impact the gameplay, but they will reflect back at you when you least expect it. The Reality Impact system is what links the board game with a story and, while they’re merged, elevates them to an emotional experience.

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