The Broken Token

What material are your kits made of?
Our box organizers are constructed from 1/8" Baltic Birch.  This material is strong and lightweight.  We sand it smooth and it can be painted or stained but looks great unfinished.
We also use 1/4" Baltic Birch for our game boxes and acrylic sheets for many game accessories.
Why are the edges brown and why does it smell like burning?
Our kits are cut using high-powered CO2 laser cutters.  These machines focus a powerful beam of light to precisely cut through the wood.  The beam leaves the edges lightly charred with a smell of burning wood.  This smell will dissipate over time.
Why are my acrylic pieces cloudy or not clear?
It probably still has it's protective coating that you can just peel off.  This coating keeps the material from scratching and burning during manufacturing and we often leave it on so the acrylic is pristine when you receive it.  Sometimes we remove the coating ourselves to inspect the pieces for quality.