Broken Token: Wingspan Organizer

Broken Token: Wingspan Organizer

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If you're going to run the best wildlife preserves you'll need to make sure all the birds you attract have somewhere to go. Take proper care of them with the Wingspan Organizer compatible with Wingspan from Stonemaier Games.

Features one Bird Market Tray, one Card Tray with Automa Card storage slot, one Food Token Tray with 5 internal compartments, one Egg tray, one Goal Tile Tray, one Dice/First Player Marker Tray, and 5 Bird Trays. Each Bird Tray features an optional divider that can be used to separate Meeple Source meeple upgrades by species if you have acquired more than 5 styles. The Bird Market Tray can be set atop the Card Tray with it's interlocking grooves, or deployed by itself on the table during gameplay.

The Broken Token's Birdhouse Mini Dice Tower (DIT108) is designed to fit where the included cardboard dice tower would normally go.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. The use of wood glue (sold separately) is recommended.'

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