7 Wonders Organizer

7 Wonders Organizer

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 Product Description

If you've purchased any of the expansions for 7 Wonders, you quickly realize that the original game box was not designed to hold any extra game boards.  You also have limited space for card storage.  

Our Wondrous organizer was designed to hold all expansions up to and including Babel.  We've increased the amount of card storage and now provide 4 adjustable dividers for separating the cards.  This kit now includes 4 removable token trays which greatly decreases the time required to setup and teardown the game.

You'll love this organizer so much you might even call it the 8th Wonder!


  • 4 Removable Token Trays
  • 4 Adjustible Dividers
  • Supports all expansions through Babel

Download ORG003 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.

This is an unlicensed, third-party product compatible with 7 Wonders.  All copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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