MourneQuest Deluxe - EN

MourneQuest Deluxe - EN

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Without discernment
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Journey to the Mourne Mountains, a magical realm of myth and legend, as one brave boy and a family of Clurichauns embark upon an epic quest to save
the Kindgom of Mourne.
Together you must gather your powers, grow in courage and build your strength as you race to cast out the Nightmares of legend, the Merrow, the Changeling, the
Dullahan the Banshee, and ultimately face the mighty Shimnavore in a final battle that will decide the future of the Kindgom and the world of man.

1 Rule book
1 Playing Board
4 Nightmare Discs
7 Character Cards and matching miniatures
4 Nightmare Cards and matching miniatures
1 Shimnavore Card and matching miniature
4 Combat Dice (Levels 1 to 4)
2 Compass Dice
1 Equipment Deck (28 cards)
1 Relic Deck (18 cards)
48 Charm Counters.
1 Moon Marker
1 Encounter Bag
4 Magical Pot Markers
46 Encounter Tiles
3 Bogbean Cards
12 Bogbean Minis
4 MourneQuest Talismans
24 Wound Markers
12 Skills Tokens
8 Compass Tokens
4 Broken Wall Markers

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