Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Visions of Dawn

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Visions of Dawn

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The ogres and trolls battled each other for years, but now they have forged an alliance to lay aside their animosity and plunder the peaceful lands of the realm. A small party of heroes is all that stands between these monsters and the people of Terrinoth. You decide the fate of this conflict when you pick up your copy of Visions of Dawn, now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Like other Hero and Monster Collections for Descent: Journeys in the DarkVisions of Dawn offers heroes and monsters previously only available through the first edition of Descent, now reimagined with updated artwork and figure sculpts. Within Visions of Dawn, you’ll find four noble heroes – Ispher, Master Thorn, Nara the Fang, and Sir Valadir. Battling these fearless heroes and ravaging the lands of Terrinoth are six terrifying monsters: two ogres, two trolls, and two manticores. 

Finally, this expansion offers two brand-new quests that chronicle your battle against the fearsome alliance of ogres and trolls. Whether you use these heroes and monsters in the included quests, or introduce them into an entire campaign, Visions of Dawn offers plenty of new options for both the heroes and the overlord. 

Inspiration in Battle

As a peerless hero and inspiring leader, Sir Valadir takes responsibility for bolstering his comrades’ spirits as well as protecting them in battle. In the face of unthinkable horrors, he is the first to proclaim that his allies will never fall beside the countless lesser heroes who came before. After all, this time, Sir Valadir fights beside them. Sir Valadir’s flawless rhetoric and unmatched martial skill have earned him a certain reputation among adventurers, and although he’s never heard it firsthand, he’s confident that it must be impeccable.

When Sir Valadir fights alongside you, you can be certain that he’ll use his weapons to their fullest extent. Sir Valadir’s hero ability allows you to suffer a fatigue once per turn in order to add a surge to your attack. By adding surges, you can trigger more of your weapon’s surge abilities and make sure that every attack is as dangerous as it can possibly be. What’s more, you may trigger this ability after the combat dice have been rolled. This way, you can ensure that your attack won’t miss and that you need additional surges before you choose to suffer the fatigue. 

Sir Valadir’s hero ability naturally forces him to take a large amount of fatigue, and resting takes valuable actions away from completing your quest. Sir Valadir’s heroic feat will certainly be useful in such situations. As an action, you may trigger Sir Valadir’s heroic feat to recover fatigue up to your stamina. Then, you can perform an attack, and during that attack, you may spend a surge to deal three extra damage! Not only does this heroic feat revitalize Sir Valadir to continue fighting, it gives you a good chance of taking down an ogre or troll that stands in your way. With Sir Valadir at your side, you’ll be able to cut through any monster that dares to oppose you.

Dawn Is Breaking

Trolls and ogres descend from the mountains, hungry for blood. Four heroes sharpen their blades and prepare to defend the realm’s pastoral farmlands. Whether you fight with Sir Valadir and Terrinoth’s heroes or lead ravening monsters into battle as the overlord, you can pursue new adventures with the Visions of Dawn Hero and Monster Collection, now available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

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