Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Skarn

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Skarn

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Take control of Skarn, the magical guardian of a haunted mansion! The Skarn Lieutenant Pack is now available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition , both online through our webstore and at your local retailer.

Within this Lieutenant Pack , you’ll find a sculpted figure of one of the overlord’s most deadly lieutenants: Skarn, the magical construct from theManor of Ravens expansion. Now, you can summon this lieutenant as your agent into any campaign outside of the Manor of Ravens mini-campaign, allowing you to terrorize any region of Terrinoth. In addition to the detailed plastic figure of Skarn, this Lieutenant Pack contains a ten-card Plot deck, allowing you to harness his regenerative power to destroy the heroes.

The Mansion’s Guardian

No one truly knows where Skarn originated. Perhaps he was created by the mage Ithyndrus, or perhaps the mage’s death released a power that imbued him with life. Perhaps the ravens of the manor house are somehow responsible for creating Skarn to guard their home. In any case, Skarn is far too dangerous a threat to remain alive. Left unchecked, he will continue to grow, until his size makes him a threat that all of Terrinoth could not overcome.

Even at his current size, Skarn is a fearsome foe, using his powers to regenerate and grow even in the midst of battle. Skarn’s health and defense are both formidable obstacles for a group of heroes, allowing him to keep fighting long past the point when a weaker lieutenant would fall before the heroes’ blades. His Thrash ability allows him to attack every figure adjacent to him at once, while his Energy Drain ability allows him to sap the heroes’ energy, limiting their options.

The ten-card Twisted Soul Plot deck included in the Skarn Lieutenant Packincreases Skarn’s regenerative power further, beginning with What Doesn’t Kill . By exhausting this Plot card when one of your monsters takes damage, you can heal that monster and increase its defense, giving your monster a long-lasting advantage. And once a monster has been touched by Skarn’s healing prowess, it is changed forever. Other Plot cards, such as Bitter Rageand Thick Scars , grant increased attack and health to monsters healed by What Doesn’t Kill.

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